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I'm so excited about Woman by Design Mentoring Circle. I have spent many years in training, learning how best to mentor and provide faith-based marriage counseling to couples and family units.  However through Woman by Design Mentoring Circle, I am able to extend my services to those who desire more out of their personal lives.  

Consequently, I approach mentoring with the individual in mind, helping them to connect with the true essence of who God has created them to be.  We take a Biblical journey in scripture, coupled with goals and aspirations to arrive at a place of fulfillment for the individual. 

Our participants are committed to ongoing refinement & edification in the word of God.  They are open to going deeper, to learn about themselves, align with the word of God, and more learn "how" to invite God into every area of life.

We talk through "how" life in Christ looks day by day, in the workplace, family, and in social settings.  We discuss how to invite God into awkward conversations about intimacy, family, marriage, living single, dating, and the like.

I invite you to be a part of our next session.  Check regularly for updates and events. 

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